Viking Axe of Ragnarr Loðbrók- Hand Forged Bearded Axe Authentic Old Norse Hatchet.

*Pre-order* Ragnar Lothbrok (Old Norse Ragnarr Loðbrók) remains to this day one of, if not the most popular Vikings of all time. Now you can own a piece of history with this historically accurate Bearded Viking Axe.  The Axe Head is 16 X 17.5 inches and made of hand forged cold steel with a sharp edge, making it the perfect decorative item. This item is not suited for reenacting, however, it can be made with a blunt edge if you request it.

The wood handle is carefully treated, sanded and stained and measures in at around 21.5 inches. This Viking Axe is has as much character as it's namesake with leather wrappings, making it stand out from the others. The Nordic hatchet contains the best of both worlds, rustic and minimalist, yet ornate and well crafted with attention to detail. A one of a kind piece.

**NOTE: This is a pre-order and the axe will be constructed upon order. This means your order will ship when the axe is complete. The time frame from order date till you receive your item will vary, however, please allow at least three (03) to four (04) weeks. Perfection and art cannot be rushed and this Viking Axe is forged with careful thought and detail with help from the Gods.**


Viking Axe Of Ragnar Lothbrok. Hand Forged Bearded Axe. Authentic Old Norse Axe