Viking Antler Knife, Carved Handle, Hand Forged Damascus Steel Scandinavian Knife, Old Norse WeaponsThis unique hand-forged Viking Knife is crafted from high quality Damascus steel. Historically accurate and inspired by traditional Old Norse knives, this beautifully designed Scandinavian knife can be used as a weapon, decoration, or in the kitchen. The useful design allows it to be comfortably held in your hand or hung on a wall. Leather sheath not included. This beautiful knife is adorned with a hand carved antler handle, creating a unique feel to each one.Great emphasis is put on its design, the material used and the workmanship involved is of the highest quality in the industry. Everything is hand forged and hand carved, never mass produced.Total length is 5.7 inches. Blade length is 2.9 inches.**NOTE: The knife will be constructed upon order. This means your order will ship when the knife is complete. The time frame from order date till you receive your item will vary, however, please allow at least three (03) weeks. Perfection and art cannot be rushed and this Viking knife is forged with careful thought and detail with help from the Gods. **FREE SHIPPING- CONTACT ME ANY TIME- TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE

Viking Antler Knife, Carved Handle, Hand Forged Damascus Steel Knife