Viking Age Sword, Authentic hand-forged Medieval Collectible Viking Sword.

This Authentic Viking age sword is a museum quality collectible reproduction of an authentic Viking Age sword. Crafted by a skilled hand, this is one of our top artistic pieces and we make just a few of similar swords per a year. Never mass produced, this Old Norse sword is fit for both modern viking and warriors of old. Úlfur in Old Norse means "wolf" and this uniquely designed weapon lives up to the fierce nature of it's namesake.

Now you can own a piece of history with this historically accurate full tang Viking Sword.  Material of high carbon steel. This item is not suited for reenacting as the blade is sharpened. The blade of this one of a kind sword is 29 inches (76 cm) long and 1.8 inches (4.7 cm) wide. Overall Viking sword length is 37 inches (94 cm).

This Viking Sword  has as much character as it's namesake with leather wrapping, making it stand out from the others. A status symbol in ancient times, for sure. Perfectly balanced, width of the hand crafted guard is 3.5 inches (9cm).

**NOTE: The sword will be constructed upon order. This means your order will ship when the sword is complete. The time frame from order date till you receive your