Viking Drinking Tankard, Horn Beer Mug 20 oz. The perfect size for any special occasion.

Contact us at (or the contact page) for custom quotes or if you want an insignia or other logo on your horn.


WE DO CUSTOM AND PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING! Engraving fee is $30, unless it is a very large and/or intricate design, then the fee is $35. You can choose a natural look or have paint embedded into the engraving to make it really stand out. Please contact us before making a purchase so we can give you a custom quote and ensure we give you exactly what you want. Average turn around time for a custom engraving is Two (02) to Three (03) weeks.

This Traditional Drinking Horn Tankard can hold 20 ounces of any cold beverage. Make this viking horn beer mug your go to drinking vessel after a long day at work, at a party, while watching Game of Thrones or Vikings, anywhere you want to be unique. Speaking of unique, every horn is slightly different in size, shape, and color so the one you get is yours exclusively. The tankard is ethically sourced from ox horn, polished, and stopped off at the bottom with a resin base. It is all topped off with a coating of food safe lacquer and sent to you with Odin's blessing and our thanks.

*Each horn is unique. The one pictured will not look the same as yours*
*Hand Wash Only. No Hot Drinks!*
Perfect for reenactors.

Personalized Extra Large Tankard Drinking Horn