Extra-Extra Large Tankard Viking Drinking Horn- Holds 1 Plus Liter

Before we got this horn, our biggest tankard for a whole year was 20 ounces. This new one is 1+ liter!  If you’re bad with the metric system, we’ll help you out – this horn equates to about 36 ounces. That’s almost double!

We didn’t need to make a bigger horn, people love the 20 ounce. So why? Because. That’s why. Why should you buy one? Same reason (see above).

Sick of pausing GoT to get more Omnegang? We got you covered – pour a few bottles in there and pass the horn around. Bored of drinking your wine straight from the bottle? Pour the whole thing right on in, and look, there’s still 10 ounces of room for whatever.

    36 big-ass bovine horn ounces (may vary depending on original girth)
    Colors and shape of horn determined by nature, so no one will ever have the same one as you
    Finished with food-safe sealant
    Handle and walls are all one piece of connected horn
perfect for reenacting

XXL 1+ liter Tankard Viking Drinking Horn Mug