EXTRA-LARGE Polished Finish Viking Drinking Horn W/Stand

Contact us at support@metalabyss.com (or the contact page) for custom quotes or if you want an insignia or other logo on your horn.


WE DO CUSTOM AND PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING!    Engraving fee is $30, unless it is a very large and/or intricate design, then the fee is $35. You can choose a natural look or have paint embedded into the engraving to make it really stand out. Please contact us before making a purchase so we can give you a custom quote and ensure we give you exactly what you want. Average turn around time for a custom engraving is Two (02) to Three (03) weeks.

This Extra-Large Drinking Horn is the stuff of legends. Hand-crafted and always keeping tradition in mind, we highly polish both the interior and exterior to create a refined look that brings out the horn's natural patterns. As if this piece weren't beautiful enough, it comes with a free matching stand and brass trim around the lip of the horn. Drink up!
Holds 22-24 oz of liquid
Approx dimensions are 18″-20″ tall
*Each horn is unique. The one pictured will not look the same as yours*
*Hand Wash Only. No Hot Drinks!*
Perfect for reenactors

Personalized Engraved X-Large Polished Finish Viking Drinking Horn