Viking Sounding Horn Gjallarhorn

A large sounding horn that honors ancient tradition and comes without a reed. With some practice you will be amazed at how the roar of the horn hearkens back to battles of old.  This horn features a natural finish and is about 18 inches from rim to tip. Hand crafted and a perfect addition for the Viking Wedding, or other special event. Great for reenactors.

The Gjallarhorn can call forth power and fortitude that we all possess within us. Use it every morning to summon the courage to face anything life throws at you. No enemy can smite you with the fire in your heart and Odin's forces behind you after you call them forth to battle with your sounding horn.

Gjallarhorn roughly means "yelling horn" in old Norse, and is associated with the God Heimdallr and the wise being Mímir, and is said to date back to the 13th century.

*Each horn is unique. The one pictured will not look the same as yours*

Viking Sounding Horn Gjallarhorn