Scottish Drinking Bowl Quaich, Friendship Cup- Great Wedding Gift

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WE DO CUSTOM AND PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING!    Engraving fee is $30, unless it is a very large and/or intricate design, then the fee is $35. You can choose a natural look or have paint embedded into the engraving to make it really stand out. Please contact us before making a purchase so we can give you a custom quote and ensure we give you exactly what you want. Average turn around time for a custom engraving is Two (02) to Three (03) weeks.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day, loved one, or friend, then you have stumbled upon the one and only present you will need! The Scottish Quaich (also seen as quaigh or quoich) is a drinking bowl which traditionally was crafted from wood, sometimes fine metal, and was called the "Friendship Cup". It features two handles on the cup to signify friendship, or love.

We like to reinvent the wheel around here, so this beautiful piece is made strictly from ethically sourced horn and polished to a beautiful shine. Each one will be as different as every relationship, yet, like love and friendship, will always retain it's shine and beauty. It is still used around the world to this day as an offering to a friend or guest. It is suitable to any cold drink. Measurement is about 4"X6"X1.75".

    Hand wash with warm soapy water only
    No Hot Drinks
    Perfect for Reenactors

Personalized Engraved Scottish Drinking Bowl Quaich, Friendship Cup