Polished Finish Viking Drinking Horn W/Stand, Holds 10-12 oz of your favorite cold beverage

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WE DO CUSTOM AND PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING! Engraving fee is $30, unless it is a very large and/or intricate design, then the fee is $35. You can choose a natural look or have paint embedded into the engraving to make it really stand out. Please contact us before making a purchase so we can give you a custom quote and ensure we give you exactly what you want. Average turn around time for a custom engraving is Two (02) to Three (03) weeks.

The drinking horn has been a staple vessel for centuries. Made popular by shows such as Game Of Thrones and Vikings, you can own a piece of history and pay homage to the elders. This Norse inspired drinking horn is crafted by hand with care. It is highly polished and coated with food safe lacquer and topped off with a luxurious brass rim to really make the piece pop. Your arm may get tired holding your new gem around, so we've included a stand taken from the same horn, so that you can set your horn down anywhere. Keep a close eye on it, you don't want someone pillaging your piece.

Approx dimensions are 12″-15″ tall
*Each horn is unique. The one pictured will not look the same as yours*
*Hand Wash Only. No Hot Drinks!*
Great for Reenactors.

Personalized Engraved Large Polished Finish Drinking Horn