Odin The Allfather's Hand Carved Viking Drinking Horn- 16 ounces- Featuring Adornments of Hugin and Munin- Geri and Freki

This hand carved Viking drinking horn is a one of a kind design that will be retired to the halls of Valholl once it's sold. The ornate detail goes above and beyond, featuring historically accurate attributes all the way down to the smallest features. Odin, The Allfather, sits upon his throne (Hliðskjálf) overseeing all with one eye (his right eye is darkened out on this piece to represent the sacrifice he made for wisdom). In his right hand he holds his spear (Gungnir). Perched on either side of him are the ravens Hugin and Munin who have just returned from Midgard with the day's news. Finally, guarding the throne of Odin are the wolves Geri and Freki.

It takes weeks of hard work and blessings from Valholl to create this one of a kind piece. This museum quality piece is able to withstand the harshest elements, and is perfect for the collector, reenactor, or as a unique and thoughtful gift. Hand carved with the utmost care and respect for the Vikings of old, it takes weeks of pain staking work with great attention paid to every detail. Once it's gone.....it's gone.

Holds approximately 16 oz of liquid. Approximately 12 1/2 inches in length with the opening just around 3 1/2 inches.

 *The one pictured is the one you will get*
*Hand Wash Only. No Hot Drinks!*
Perfect for reenactors and collectors


Odin The Allfather's Hand Carved Viking Drinking Horn- 16 ounces