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The Irish Dirk was a long, narrow knife with a single-edged blade that tapered to a sharp point. It was typically made of iron and had a hilt made of bone, wood, or metal.


This reproduction of an Irish Fighting Long Knife - Skean with wooden grip and bronze fitting inspired by an artefact retrieved from the river Shannon, Ireland.


  • Material: high carbon steel, case hardened - 52 - 54 HRC, wood, bronze
  • Overall length 48 cm
  • Blade length: 35 cm
  • Blade width: 4 cm
  • Weight: 400 g


The Irish Dirk was primarily a thrusting weapon, designed for close-quarters combat. It was lightweight and easy to wield, making it an ideal choice for the fast-paced, hand-to-hand fighting style favored by the Vikings. The dagger could be used to deliver quick, deadly thrusts to an opponent's vital organs, and its narrow blade made it difficult to parry or deflect.


**NOTE: The dagger will be constructed upon order. This means your order will ship when the axe is complete. The time frame from order date till you receive your item will vary, however, please allow at least two (02) months. Perfection and art cannot be rushed and this dagger is forged with careful thought and detail with help from the Gods. Please do not order unless you're comfortable waiting at least two months**  NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS AFTER ORDER ON HAND FORGED PRODUCTS


Irish Dirk Dagger, Viking Era Knife

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