Etched Fenrir Bearded Viking Axe

The mighty and feared Fenrir, bound until Ragnarok, is featured in this elegantly etched axe along with the magical stave Vegvisir creating an extremely unique piece. The intricate designs make this artistic piece stand out from all the rest.

The Axe Head is made of hand forged cold steel with a sharp edge, making it the perfect decorative item. The wooden handle is carefully treated, sanded, stained and wrapped in leather.

    The length of the axe: 77 cm
    The width of the shaft: 4.5 cm
    The thickness of the shaft: 2.5 cm
    The length of the head: 21 cm
    The width of the blade: 15 cm

**NOTE: The Axe will be constructed upon order. This means your order will ship when the axe is complete. The time frame from order date till you receive your item will vary, however, please allow at least two (02) months. Perfection and art cannot be rushed and this Viking axe is forged with careful thought and detail with help from