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If You Miss Xerath, You Will Be Comforted By This Pentakill Song.

I seem to not be the only one who was late to the party when it came to the news the Xerath was no more. Their last album "III" was fucking amazing and they were rapidly becoming one of my new favorites. Then, disaster struck, and I learned there would be no future for Xerath.

For those of you in the Xerath support group you can be comforted by this newly released video by Pentakill. If you're not familiar Pentakill is a band that doesn't exist, yet does all at once. It was created by Riot Games in 2014. It's a collaboration of numerous musicians, some composers who work for Riot Games, others well known musicians like Tommy Lee, Nine Inch Nails, Battle Beast, and, most importantly, a few of the guys from Xerath.

Other than the vocals, the song, Mortal Reminder, is as Xerath as you can get and an absolute work of art. The entire full length Pentakill album "Grasp Of The Undying" is available now. You can Grab It Here!

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