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Who Is The Norse God Of Blacksmithing?


In Norse mythology, there are two "gods" of blacksmithing. They are said to be able to make anything from nothing. They are also said to be able to create things that are impossible for mortals to make. These two are some of the most skilled blacksmiths in all of the nine realms. But who are they?

Old Norse Blacksmith- Original Art by Metal Abyss

The Lore of The Viking Blacksmiths

There is no known blacksmith "god" in Norse mythology, sorry to say. But we would be remiss to not mention the mighty creative dwarves Brokkr and Sindri. These industrious dwarves were responsible for forging some of the most famous weapons in Viking culture, and surely deserve honorable mention as the original Viking blacksmiths.

Sindri (meaning "spark"), and Bokkr (meaning "one who works with metal fragments") are dwarf brothers that reside in the mountains of Svartalfheim. The brothers used their skill to defeat the trickster Loki in a bet that they could not make anything as beautiful and powerful as the Sons of Ivaldi. Bokkr and Sindri made three items, one of which includes the most famous weapon in all Viking lore (keep reading to learn more).

Two dwarfs as depicted in a 19th-century edition of the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá (1895) by Lorenz Frølich.

According to Norse mythology, the dwarves were born as maggots from Ymir, the earliest of the giants, and they resided underground. The dwarves had a well-known reputation for being among the best blacksmiths, despite their unkempt bodies. The dwarves, under the leadership of their king Durin, made a variety of objects for the god's usage thanks to their innate talents to work with rare metals, jewels, and other materials. Unsurprisingly, the dwarves produced some of the most recognized crafts in Norse mythology.

Weapons Forged By Dwarfs:

The dwarves of Norse mythology have produced a wide range of objects that are crucial to numerous tales. Nevertheless, some of the dwarf blacksmiths' creations do certainly stand out from the crowd.

Odin's Ring "Draupnir".

Odin's Ring Draupnir is a special ring that was created by the Dwarves. It is said that this ring has the ability to create eight other rings that are identical to it. This is why it is often referred to as the "ring of plenty." Draupnir was seen as being beyond precious since the rings had the potential to make both men and gods exceedingly wealthy. Draupnir, like Mjolnir, was created as the result of a wager made by Loki with the dwarves.

Thor's Hammer "Mjolnir".

The hammer Mjolnir is one of the most famous weapons in Norse mythology. It was said to be forged by the dwarves. The hammer was incredibly powerful and could only be wielded by Thor himself. It was said to be capable of level mountains and crush rocks. The hammer was also capable of unleashing lightning. According to legend, Mjolnir was able to strike every target before returning on its own to Thor's hand. The hammer could restore people and animals in addition to being used as a weapon to kill and destroy.

Freyr's Ship "Skidbladnir".

Freyr's Ship Skidbladnir is a fascinating object. It is a ship that can be used for travel on both land and water. Skidbladnir, considered the greatest ship in Norse mythology, was able to carry all the gods as well as their armor and weaponry. It is also able to fold up so that it can be carried around with ease. This ship is a symbol of Freyr's power and strength.

Freya's Necklace "Brisingamen".

In Norse mythology, Brisingamen is the name of the necklace that Freya wears. It is said to be made of gold and to have been given to her by four dwarves, Alfrigg, Dvalinn, Berling and Grerr. The name "Brisingamen" means "the neck ring of the Brisings" or "the necklace of the fire giants".

The spear of Odin is a legendary weapon associated with the Norse god Odin. The name "Gungnir" comes from a Proto-Germanic word meaning "swaying one" or "one that sways." It is said to be made from the wood of Yggdrasil, the world tree, and is imbued with magical properties. The spear is capable of striking any target, no matter how far away, and always hits its mark. Buy your hand forged Spear of Odin here.


So sadly, there are no "official" blacksmith gods in Norse mythology, however it is easy to associate the dwarves with blacksmithing. This is due to the fact that they are known for their skill in creating weapons, armor, and pretty much anything else that was needed. Additionally, they are also associated with mining and metallurgy. While there are no blacksmith gods in Norse mythology, the dwarves play an important role in Viking culture and cannot be discredited with their contributions to the lore.

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