Voidthrone: Left Up The Middle- "Kur"

Greetings once again, loyal Abyss reader! Truly left-of-center music tends to come in one of two varieties. The first seems to be spawned from the Frank Zappa school of “Just how weird can I be?” in which the boundaries of what rational people would call music are pushed to their absolute breaking point. Diamanda Galas, Black Mountain Transmitter and many of Mike Patton’s projects fall squarely into this category. While interesting, because they often deviate so far from the rules and conventions of popular music, listening to them can be, in a word, laborious. The second I call the Sgt. Pepper’s variety, which should come as no surprise to you as I’ve laid bare my love for all things Beatles in various ramblings here in the past. Drop the needle on that particular piece of mid-century art and you’ll hear the best rock and roll band in the world expand the horizons of a generation, and really every generation since, without trying to re-write the formula for what makes a song a song. As you may have guessed, my preference is for weirdness with structure. Give me Pink Floyd, Kardashev and The Ritual Aura over “audible art” any day.

-GET YOUR CONCERT TICKETS HERE AND SUPPORT METAL ABYSS- Leave it to Seattle’s Voidthrone to throw a twisted, avant garde wrench into my tidy little classification system. Falling somewhere dead center between Zappa and the Liverpool loons is ‘Kur,’ the title track and first single off of their forthcoming LP, due out on May 4th of this year. Copious blast beats are thrown into a hideous blender with counter-intuitive guitar incantations and screams designed to accompany a good brain bleed. It is ferocious and nearly unbridled, with little to break up the rapid fire pace of the melee. And yet there is order within the chaos. There’s no 137/the square root of a fish time signature here and tempo shifts, for a lack of a better phrase, simply make sense. Though the emphasis is clearly on the brutality of the left field assault, ‘Kur’ still very much rings true to what a metal song “should” sound like. Yes, I’m prepared to take whatever flak you might have for that one. Need more convincing? You should, I’m really bad at this. You can peep the very DIY video for 'Kur' below. Pre-orders for the LP just went live on their Bandcamp page as well. Drop them a line and let them know that the dude over at Metal Abyss talks too much and doesn’t really know what he’s saying anyway. Maybe they’ll send me my first cease and desist letter! Rage on! JPR

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