Veldes- "Storm Borrower" Scratching That Itch

The wait for the Shylmagoghnar album is beginning to become legitimately unbearable. Without a doubt 'Transience' is the album I'm most stoked for this year, and a month and a half is a long time to wait in the golden era of instant gratification. So what's a middle-aged, snack food obsessed, pseudo-journalist to do between now and June 29th? If you said "Look for atmospheric black metal bands on Bandcamp and quit you're ball-bagging" then you've just won an all expenses paid (by you) trip to Metal Abyss HQ- where the coffee's always mediocre, the vending machine doesn't work, and there's a good chance you'll get an infection if you use the bathroom.

And that's yet one more crappy set-up by me for an EP that more than slakes my thirst for some proper atmospheric black metal. 'Storm Borrower', the fourth offering from Slovenia's Veldes, is 40 minutes of epic, elongated compositions that meld black metal with folk, doom and even post-rock and shoegaze. The finished product feels both vast and vacant; as if Veldes intended to isolate the listener with extended instrumental passages and guitars that pace back and forth up and down the scale, never finding whatever they're looking for.

The vocal arrangements could not have been better executed. Rok Rupnik, who provided the vocals for this otherwise one-man-band, does not stray from the tried and true piercing black metal wail; but his voice is used to great effect as it's never where it's not supposed to be. Andy Walsmley, vocalist for Apathy Noir, did a fantastic job on their album 'Black Soil' by allowing Viktor Jonas' compositions to breathe- not smother them the way my first girlfriend did to me (Sorry, Amber, a guy needs his space). Rupnik follows suit on 'Storm Borrower' and the elongated musical breaks serve to bolster and draw attention to his potent screams when they're unleashed.

The title track is going to be my favorite here. Nearly 11 minutes of fury, regret, and a chorus so catchy that it could be used for bait the next time you go trout fishing. Though there's quite literally not a single measure on this EP that I don't enjoy, Rupnik's voice following that monster lead guitar on this track was worth the price of admission alone.

So pop on over to Bandcamp and have a listen to 'Storm Borrower' for yourself. Though physical copies are in the works, this rather large EP is currently available only in the digital form. Veldes also has a Facebook page (I wonder if Amber does...) where you'll find the requisite band news, links, and none of my nonsense. Once you're done there feel free to come back here and let us know what you think. As I rarely sleep I'll get back to you sooner as opposed to later, occasionally with a bad pun, a crock pot recipe, or both.

Lucky you.

Rage on!


Veldes- "Where Waters Turn To Ashes"

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