Vaelmyst- "Earthly Wounds"

EP week continues to march along and I've wasted more time then the boss will (hopefully) ever know tracking down demos and EPs from brand new bands; all in the hopes that we can get in on the ground floor of the next Opeth, Be'Lakor or Amon Amarth. And let's face it, those big bands need a push from Metal Abyss like my Dad-Bod needs another family sized bag of tasty, tasty pizza Combos. My impending morbid obesity aside, let's all have a listen to L.A.'s newest death-thrash amalgamation: Vaelmyst, and their brand new EP 'Earthly Wounds'. Had I not told you that these guys were from the states I'm willing to bet you would have figured it out for yourself. This is melodic death that owes as much allegiance to the Gothenburg sound as it does to Megadeth, Testament and Kreator. Massive, catchy riffs, coupled with the requisite chugging twin-rhythms and powerful leads are all the ingredients you need for a quality neck-snapping experience.


Currently available in digital form on Vaelmyst's Bandcamp or Spotify pages, this sub-genre of death is so in my wheelhouse that should a physical release be made available, cash money will be spent to acquire it. Expect a more in-depth review from your resident snack food connoisseur should that happen. In the meantime, this is one band I plan on watching closely. Rage on! JPR


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