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Claret Ash's Upcoming Release, "The Great Adjudication"

Underground label Casus Belli Musica has officially announced several much anticipated album releases this month as well as next. The first of which is Australian progressive black metal band, Claret Ash, who will be releasing their new album 'The Great Adjudication' on April 30th, 2018.

The album will be over 75 minutes of intense black metal with plenty of hooks, melody, and traditional BM elements. It will be available via download on the band's bandcamp page as well as physical copies.

The official release states "focus on bringing to life the violence and intensity of change, of the shifting seasons, and of the turmoil of human emotion. This is reflected in the aggressive musicianship that showcases faster, more extreme drumming, a more brutal, dissonant guitar sound and a truly haunting and unique vocal range." The band cites Ulver, Wolves In the Throne Room, and Enslaved as just a few influences.

Formed in 2012 Claret Ash has released two previous full length albums, 2013's 'Ground Dweller', and 2015's 'The Cleansing'.

You can listen to their single "Like Tears In Rain" below.


Journey / Life I - Essence of Fire II – Devolution

Realisation / Recognition III - The Noose IV - Plague Bearer V - The Gyre

Empathise / Compassion VI - Behold the Chalice VII - Like Tears in Rain

Modify / Adjust VIII - Vicissitude IX - The Fragility of Existence

Retribution / Nature's Retort X - The Great Moth that Swallowed the Sun XI - The Great Adjudication XII - Betrayal am I

Claret Ash is:

James Edmeades: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Nick McCauley: Bass Josh Pearse: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals Stuart Nulty: Drums and Percussion


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