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Buenos días, Abyss! In a recent poll, we reached out to the loyal Abyss community and asked for your input on what the next theme week should be around here. The response was overwhelmingly underwhelming, meaning that I had free rein to write about whatever I wanted to without fear of reprisal. Lucky me and poor you. As going outside my comfort zone musically is something I actually enjoy doing, as was the case when I dipped my toes into Norwegian Black Metal with Avertia's new album, 'Hundre og Helvete', I thought that doing a week on Deathcore bands or instrumental albums, both topics/genres that I've written about in the past, would be neither entertaining to you or challenging I mean, how many times can a guy say "This RAWKS!" or "This dude can PLAY!" before it gets old? The correct answer is 1, and since you've just read them both, I won't ever say them again.

So what's a snack food obsessed pseudo-journalist to do? We're going south of the border and tapping the unparalleled metal community in South America, who are no-doubt going to show us all how to rage. That's right, I'm going to spend a week in virtual Latin America metallic bliss, tracking down underground bands and albums that deserve to be heard. While I've had a few lined up for some time now, to include my Metal Miser pick for March, the rest remain a mystery to me as of this writing. My contention is that while bands like Sepultura and Angra are synonymous with Brazilian metal and South American music as a whole, there's going to be TONS of underground bands from our brothers and sisters in Mexico, Ecuador and Chile, among others, for us to bang our heads to.

support underground metal

Soooooo... if you are either in or have a favorite metal band that hails from South America, feel free to drop a comment here and I will promptly drop my Twinkie and give it a listen. Seriously, spam the crap out of me with your cousin's garage band demo or your LP which is about to drop. The more the better. Of course we'll still be dropping tasty little extreme metal bombs on you from across the globe as well. It's what we do... even if we don't do it well. Stay tuned, send me lots of suggestions, and Rage On! JPR

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