Strychnia up in ya!- "Into The Catacombs"

Good... wait, it's 5:21 in the morning? What in the world am I still doing awake? Sure hope it's a more reasonable time where you are.

As you no doubt have noticed, Metal Abyss is in the process of undergoing some changes as of late. My Master and Grand Potentate of the Snack Machine, The Editor (yes, he demands to be addressed that way), has been hard at work tweaking not only the look of the site, but also our focus. Like so many of the bands we listen to, we're a small, DIY operation that exists to share metal with people who are passionate about what they listen to. If that sounds like you, we're glad you're here.

To that end it only makes sense that while we'll still shine a spotlight on a band like Cannibal Corpse or Gojira when something newsworthy happens in one of their camps, the reality is that there is an infinite number of incredible bands and albums out there that the vast majority of even very committed death metal fans have never heard of. This platform is our way of elevating those bands and giving them as big a push as we can.

To that end, check out Dayton, New Jersey's most evil sons, Strychnia, who will be dropping 'Into the Catacombs,' their first record in almost 5 years, on March 9th. Only the track Volcanic Winter (featuring CJ McMahon) is currently available on their Bandcamp, but it's as juicy a slab of blistering, blackened tech-infused death that you'll find this side of the Atlantic. Pop on over to Strychnia's Bandcamp and give it a listen. While you're at it you can NYP (that's Name Your Price in case you were wondering) for the rest of the band's catalog. That's insanity, but it's insanity that I fully endorse.

Rage on!


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