Sciolism- New Zealand Black/Death

Part 2 of what's becoming EP week for me is New Zealand black/death trio Sciolism, and their first ever recording 'Released to Chaos', which just dropped last month. Executed with a sense of authenticity and brutality that belies their relative experience as a band, this EP showcases three guys who darn well better make more music together. Current favorite track is the album's closer, 'Experimential Empricism', perhaps because it's the least ear-pulverizing offering here. Should you require more of a direct frontal assault, the track named after the band has you covered, I promise.

sciolism released to chaos

Available in both MP3 and physical form, Sciolism's Bandcamp page is open and ready for business. Give it a shot and let us know in the comments what you think. Also, I'd like to congratulate myself for having the restraint to talk about a band from New Zealand and not once mention Hobbits. Rage on! JPR


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