Saturday Riffage With Greylotus' "Pallbearer"

You know what I needed to start off my Saturday, apart from multiple cups of coffee and a month's supply of Ding Dongs? Some proper riffage. Fortunately, our friend Ben Towles (AKA Greylotus) has me covered. Many of you will remember that Greylotus' debut EP, 'Savior' was the surprise hit from our first ever EP week. The Baltimore, Maryland native is still a one-man-band; though his Facebook page would seem to indicate that he's shopping for additional members to fill out the line-up. Think you can keep up? Towles has set the bar very high on his 3-track debut, as is evidenced by his fret board manipulation on 'Pallbearer.' Give this instrumental guitar play-through a listen/view and let us know in the comments if there's been a better debut EP this year. I'm open to suggestions, but my money's on Greylotus. Rage on! JPR


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