Samskaras- Lithification EP Teaser Release

Montreal, Quebec duo Samskaras return this October 26th with "Lithification," their second EP in as many years. The always rad peeps over at Mind Eraser Promotions sent us a teaser for the forthcoming record, which you can listen to right here. On the new music, Eric Burnet, Samskaras' vocalist, guitarist and bass player, says: "This EP is mostly about the struggle between anger and self-control. “It's direct and vicious, but also intensely emotional. The title itself is the geological process by which rock is created through heat and pressure. The question I'm pondering is, how hard do our life experiences make us, and when does that stop being a healthy way to cope?” The music itself is a dark amalgamation of technical prowess and blackened, progressive exploration. At the helm of the soundboard is Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and the production hits that sweet spot between clean and heavy where nothing sounds like it's being trampled on, yet it's still properly heavy. So give this teaser a listen and let us know what you think in the comments section. Samskaras have all of the requisite social media accounts, to include a Bandcamp page where you can pre-order Lithification. Given the strength of what we've heard so far, that'd probably a smart move. We're all about good life choices here at Metal Abyss. Rage on! JPR

Samskaras - "Lithification" EP Teaser

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