Rings of Saturn and Berried Alive are Linked In!

While preparations are underway for the next theme week, I'm still rooting through the internet in the hopes of finding other random, heavy goodness to share with you. Today it was easy, as 'Dads,' the brand new single and first collaboration between Rings of Saturn and Berried Alive jumped right out and bit my ear off. No doubt it was in my suggested videos as I'd just finished watching an old episode of MST3K on YouTube.

What better way to cap off a dude and his robot friends destroying a b movie then with some progressive, spaced-out tech death? What's more, it turns out that the two bands want to record an entire album and, get this, film an animated series together! Ambitious? You bet and I dig it. You can read all of the details (and contribute to the cause if you feel so moved) over at the Rings of Saturn Facebook page. If nothing else, give 'Dads' a spin and let us know what you think in the comments section. Rage on! JPR


#RingsOfSaturn #BerriedAlive

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