Review: Oubliette- "The Passage"

Last week we featured the new single from Oubilette’s sophomore album ‘The Passage’ titled “The Raven’s Lullaby.” That feature, as well as our Full-Frontal Friday selection of Inferi’s ‘Revenant’ were no accident, as both albums feature Mike Low on guitar. I’m a fan, generally speaking, of cross-pollination in music, especially when an artist can shift gears stylistically from one project to the next. Perhaps my adoration of Mike Patton is coming more into focus. Anywho, the good folks at Mind Eraser Promotions have been feeding my insatiable desire for new metal with consistently groovy stuff. Oubliette’s The Passage, due out July 13 on The Artisan Era, is no exception. While favoring modern melodic black metal, Oubliette, incorporate clear, strong percussion work and production that elevates the standard black metal lo-fi to at least mid-fi to create a black/death hybrid that I hear is all the rage with the kids these days. What The Passage gets right it gets really right. Dissonant tones, counterpoint blast beats and slow pounding drums lay the foundation for a near omnipresent wall of guitars on The Curse. The lead guitar assumes its rightful place on this track, winding its way in and out of the vocal melody deftly. A clean, chiming arpeggio and strings contrast the walls of fuzz in The Raven’s Lullaby, easily my favorite track on this album. The well executed ebb and flow of that track mirrors the rest of the album, something that is becoming a necessary ingredient for me to hear in a melodic black metal album. The unequivocal star of The Passage is lead vocalist Emily Low. The sheer power she is able to generate and project is astounding; and it’s no wonder why husband/guitarist/producer Mike pushed his wife’s vocals just a touch higher in the mix than what you might expect in a black metal recording. Good call, Sir. Emily’s enunciation is paralleled only by the raw force of her voice- it absolutely commands attention on The Passage and is unquestionably deserving of its place just above the instrumentation. Ultimately, The Passage is a refreshing take on melodic black metal. I’m fond of saying that artists can contribute something of note, something that you enjoy listening to, without reinventing the wheel. Oubliette has very much succeeded in doing that on ‘The Passage.’ While still appropriately dark in tone, The Passage also shines brightly thanks to engaging song structures, a proper un-muddied mix, and a voice that I simply can not possibly praise enough. If you haven’t already, you can peep official videos for The Passage and The Raven’s Lullaby on The Artisan Era’s YouTube page. You’ll find all the handy dandy links you need there to pre-order The Passage; or you can visit Oubliette's Bandcamp page or Facebook pages, whichever your little heart desires. Our little hearts desire pizza flavored Combos and your feedback so please feel free to hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts on this LP. Rage on! JPR

The Passage releases on July 13th. PRE-ORDER HERE: http://smarturl.it/OUBLIETTE-MERCH http://smarturl.it/OUBLIETTE-PASSAGE

Oubliette- "The Passage" Video

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