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Greetings from soggy Pennsylvania, Abyss! Earlier this year our attention here at Metal Abyss turned almost exclusively towards underground metal. We may not get much right, but on this one point we are focused like an evil laser. To that end I spend my laughable amount of free time patrolling metal pages, Bandcamp and YouTube, looking for artists that deserve attention that they're not getting. This past week in particular I went demo hunting and, after a few near (and really big) misses, came across something that I couldn't wait to tell you about. First, let's discuss the demo itself a little bit. At some point in my musical evolution I began to collect b-sides and demos of my favorite bands. I really enjoy hearing a band and their musical ideas in their infancy, without the spit and polish of the studio release which can detract from the raw energy and fun that can be found in a songs earliest renderings. Seriously, go listen to Death's 'Mutilation' or Cannibal Corpse's first demo and tell me they're not a feast of primitive excellence. But before you do that, in my search for something new and noteworthy I made a stop in Prague where I came across Consequences and their first promo EP, appropriately titled 'Promo CD 2018'. Consequences is a four piece formed earlier this year, cut this demo last month, and released it as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp a little over a week ago. That's my idea of being productive. Proper death metal that takes its cues from Suffocation, Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse, Consequences' Promo is a blistering conceptual ride through the apocalypse. Though the Promo contains three tracks, 'Judgement Day', 'Cyclosarin' and 'Survival Mechanism', they blend together so that after +/- a dozen listens, I'm still not sure where each track begins or ends. If this is the first time you've read one of my inane ramblings, that's a compliment. I like my wife and my tech death to be non-linear and unpredictable. My wife and Consequences both deliver. There's not a solo in sight on this demo and I'm also good with that. Vilém Terich and Petr Čáp Čapek's lead and rhythm guitar work is more than competent. And while I do wish the low end were a bit thicker, Jiří Willander is doing some legit psycho smashing of his drum kit throughout. Vocals are handled by Vojtěch Kadaňka and his static death growl is both potent and intelligible, certainly not the norm for a lo-fi production. In the end, there's just enough of the old (Dying Fetus) and the new (Karpathian Relict) to make this demo appealing to both fans of vintage death metal and modern tech death. Provided Consequences use this promo as a sonic launch site for future recordings, I will most certainly not be the last person to tell you about them. So go to the Bandcamp thing and download Consequences' Promo for yourself, then check back in here to let us know what you think. I'm always on the lookout for brand new bands and recordings so if you've got something that you think we should be listening to, I'm all ears. Rage on! JPR

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