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Watch Out For This! Compilation Of New & Upcoming Releases.

We've been getting a bunch of press releases from various labels and promotion companies lately, which is pretty fucking awesome, if I do say so myself. We don't have a team of employees working at this full time, so to write an article or review of every single release we get would not be realistic. So, here is a compilation of some of the releases that we have received for your viewing, and listening, pleasure. Support Underground Metal!

Accursed Spawn-"Bhopal 84" New Single:

Ontario's own Death Metal group have released a new single titled "Bhopal 84", which is taken from their album "The Virulent Host", due out in 2019.

Ominous Eclipse- "Sinister" New Single:

Another Canadian Death/Thrash Metal group, Ominous Eclipse released a new single, "Sinister". Their new album of the same title will be released on a yet to be announced date in 2018.

Fallen Legion- New EP "Downfall" out May 18th. The trio have also released the single "Way Out" from the upcoming release.

I'm tired already so here's a commercial break while I take a siesta.


Naberus- New Album "Hollow". Release date is set for June 29th via Eclipse Records. They also have a video for the title track, which you can, and you will, enjoy by watching below.

Claret Ash- "The Great Adjudication" New Album out April 30th. I already did a write up on this previously, however, I liked it so much I felt the need to remind you. You're welcome. The video of the single "Like Tears In Rain" is featured below.

Axminister- "Prey" New Single:

This single is taken from their new album "The Crucible of Sin" due out May 4th.

Be on the look out for installment number two, COMING SOON.

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