New Band: Harvest The Lost- "Wasted Life"

Greetings, Abyss! We've been through this before but it bears repeating: we support underground metal. There's any number of sites that cover signed, established bands; and still others that offer click-bait, tabloid stories that have more to do with inter-personal drama than they do, you know... music. Not here. This two-man operation believes in bringing you news and reviews about bands that you might not be exposed to otherwise (and the editor would LOVE for you to drop by our website and buy one of his killer drinking horns). 100% guaranteed to make you more Viking than what you are right now. So in the spirit of bringing you something literally no one else has covered yet, We are stoked to present to you 'Wasted Life,' the first track released by Virginia's Harvest the Lost. Taking inspiration from Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence & After the Burial, the duo of Edwin Jose (guitars & drums) and Tyler James (vocals & keys) are clearly proud to fly the deathcore/djent flag on Wasted Life. Whereas one might expect something simplistic in terms of song structure on a band's first outing, Wasted Life is a track of multiple, complimentary passages that feature the requisite heavy riffage, breakdowns, and some very potent multi-tracked growls. There's something of a false outro here as feedback after a solo surprisingly descends into a catatonic, doom/sludge assault that is worth the price of admission alone. I reached out to Edwin earlier this week and he tells me that the band plans on releasing more music in the near future. For now, you can listen to Harvest the Lost's Wasted Life on Amazon Music, Spotify, or on HtL's YouTube channel. I'm legitimately proud to say that I'm subscriber #1 to their channel and am anxiously awaiting more from these guys. You can also keep tabs on the band via Harvest the Lost's Facebook page. Got something that you think will make us shake our money makers? Drop us a PM via the Metal Abyss Facebook page and we'll gladly desecrate our eardrums for you. The editor is a dyed in the wool, legit trve black metal fanatic and I've never heard a Def Leppard song that I don't like. Together we've got all of the bases covered. Rage on! JPR

Harvest The Lost- "Wasted Life"

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