Mordant Rapture- 'The Abnegnation'

Greetings, Abyss! Mind Eraser Promotions and The Artisan Era have been smashing our skulls in her at MA HQ this year with one sick release after another (Inferi, Burial in the Sky, Aepoch, Oubliette, the list goes on...) And as they continue to sign and promote up and coming extreme metal bands, we're more than happy to share them with you. Continuing their hit streak with a very promising debut EP is San Jose, California based symphonic heavy tech death newcomers Mordant Rapture, and their first offering 'The Abnegnation.' Due out July 13 on The Artisan Era, this EP is a culmination of 5 years of work from the band who wrote and re-wrote these tracks; ultimately coming up with 5 songs that should serve to establish Mordant Rapture as a band unwilling to sacrifice a song that you'd actually want to listen to for the sake of technical wankery. Let's be honest here, folks: we can all rattle off any number of modern tech death albums that are "technically" impressive but don't have a real song on them. On The Abnegnation, Mordant Rapture have rooted their technicality in songs that are no less dynamic as they are engaging. That balance is key, and best represented on the opening track, 'Unsightly Beast,' where a mournful piano intro is barreled over by a grandiose combination of screams, marching drums and a synthesized, evil symphony. The track then kicks into high gear before descending again into gnarled whispers and multiple solos; all of which combine to make a song feel expansive without losing the listener on the way. The nod to my favorite track, and the song that should put Mordant Rapture on many people's radar, is 'Quell the Voiceless.' If Spawn of Possession & Necrophagist are the tenured professors of how to construct a technical, progressive death metal song that feels both vast and coherent, Mordent Rapture were clearly taking excellent notes. While as a whole this EP showcases a young band with a great deal of promise, 'Quell' is a stand-out track and very much needs to be a harbinger of what Mordant Rapture have in store for future releases. So with a little over a week to go before The Abnegnation is released, you can give my favorite track a listen below. Pre-orders for the EP are on sale now and Mordant Rapture has all of the requisite social media pages because they're young and cool. Drop us old farts a line here or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of The Abnegnation. We're all ears (and bellies) Rage on! JPR

Pre-orders for The Abnegation are now live http://smarturl.it/Mordant-Bandcamp http://smarturl.it/Mordant-Merch

Mordant Rapture- "Quell The Voiceless " Video

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