Melting A and E- Æpoch "Awakening Inception"

I'm beginning to think that I could exist on Ding Dongs and Tech death alone. It's a now well-established fact that grotesquely sugar-filled and plastic wrapped treats are my drug of choice; but death metal that pushes the boundaries of what fingers are capable of doing, while still pleasing and engaging the ear is a close second (and gaining, if I'm honest). Earlier this week I was cranking the new Deconstructing Sequence and strongly suggesting that you do the same. Now it's time to prepare ourselves for the launch of Æpoch's debut LP, Awakening Inception, out 13 April. Hailing from Cambridge, Ontario Canada, Æpoch has been grinding away over the past 5 years, releasing a demo and an EP, as well as playing copious live shows, and in the process creating a hideous mutation of technical/progressive death metal by copulating with 80's thrash. Their new single, 'Burn Them At The Stakes,' is a well executed amalgamation of a menacing Slayer, King-Diamond-esque four chord progression and modern, exquisitely crafted technical death metal. The meeting and melding of the two makes for a track that is at home both in the headphones of an old school thrasher and a Millennial banger. Awakening Inception promises to be a who's who of underground/extreme metal musicians. According to an official statement from the band: "The album comes loaded with killer guest spots from Hideous Divinity vocalist Enrico DiLorenzo, Equipoise/Tethys/ex-Vale of Pnath vocalist Stevie Boiser, a guest solo from Wormhole/Equipoise guitarist Sanjay Kumar, guest vocals from Callum Clark of Ending Tyranny, and a guest solo from Bleak Flesh guitarist Matias Quiroz." Pre-orders of both digital and physical copies (Hooray!) are up on Bandcamp and you can listen to the title track and Tabula Rasa there right now. You can also catch them on tour in Canada beginning on 17 April in Quebec City. I have no doubt that whether you're wearing a Voivod or an Archspire t-shirt, you'll be most welcome there. Rage on! JPR


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