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Line 6 POD Studio GX Gear Review

pOD studio GX

For those of us on a shoestring budget the Line 6 POD Studio GX is probably one of the best choices a penny-pinching guitarist could make. The power that is packed in such a small package for only $99 is a deal not seen every day. Especially when you compare it with the price of, well, pretty much everything out there.

-The POD Studio GX has been around for some time and and has received acclaim, just as the vast majority of Line 6 products do.

The compact design is what really sold me when I was looking for a cheap alternative to my practice amp. I wanted something that would make recording through Cakewalk Sonar much easier than the high latency amp I was using. It seemed like no matter what I did, I just could not kill the latency when plugging my practice amp into the computer. This is where the true beauty of the Line 6 POD Studio GX and the POD Farm comes in to play.

The POD Studio GX is a USB device that plugs directly into your computer and right out of the box has zero latency issues. It is basically a digital adapter for your guitar. Pretty simple really. The best part is the downloadable software, POD Farm. Without POD Farm the POD Studio GX would not really do much, so this is as much a review of both.

pod farm 2

POD Farm is the interface that runs on Windows and MAC and provides hundreds of amps, effects, presets, anything you can imagine, you can probably find it. In essence, it is digital amp modeling. There is a massive amount of tones and effects to chose from. No stone is left unturned when it comes to tone selection. Clean tone, distortion, effects, it's got it all in one spot.

PROS: Everything. Zero latency, tones out the ass, compact, compatible. The list goes on and on. This is perfect for recording and worked well with Cakewalk, among other recording software.

CONS: The only con that I can find is that if you need it to be portable you will have to rely on a laptop to run the POD Farm software.

For the price point and sheer functionality the POD Studio GX is well worth the investment. It's rugged and continues to work as well now, years later, as it did out of the box. It is so good that my practice amp became nothing but an overpriced dust collection device.


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