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Kataklysm- "Meditations" Cover Art Revealed

Canadian Death Metal legends, Kataklysm, have revealed the cover art from their forthcoming, and thirteenth full-length release, "Meditations". The official release date has not been disclosed yet.

The cover was designed by Ocvlta Designs by Surtsey, who is also responsible for the artwork for their 2015 record, "Of Ghosts And Gods".

kataklysm meditations

Bassist and vocalist, Maurizio Iacono, stated, "This is a very personal album to me with old wounds being revisited – I felt a big urge to pour my soul into this release. The boys and I were isolated under the same roof during the writing process, just like we did in the early days...with no worries except having fun, being honest and delivering a serious album that represents us today but respects our past. Our new story is coming and we are eager to share it with you!"


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