It's My Metal and I Need it Now! Harbored Dreams.

As an avid lover/hater of advertising in all of its forms, I never miss an opportunity to sing the J.G. Wentworth jingle (because it makes me want to grind my teeth) or quote their slogan: "It's my money and I need it now!" whenever one of my little sprouts wants to buy something they'll never need. But in all fairness, as someone who also loves underground metal, I sympathize with my kiddos' plight. When a band only has the time/funds to release an EP or even just a track or two, you take what you get and you don't throw a fit. As I'm sure you've guessed, the sprouts have heard that a time or two as well. Several months ago Metal Abyss spotlighted the Baltimore based retro-metal outfit Alms, and both of the fantastic songs that they've made available on their Bandcamp page. Coincidentally, I also stumbled across and became enamored with Baltimore natives Greylotus through the only three songs they have recorded. Sadly, loving underground music often times means having a scant few songs to listen to and treasure from a given artist. The search continues, actually, for a band or artist to release a single track that we can review for you. Until that raging unicorn rears its brutal, metallic horn, please sink your ears into 'The Inevitable Descent,' which is exactly 50% of the total musical output of Mount Vernon, Washington band Harbored Dreams. Sounding like the music that would be playing while the Xenomorph first stalks and then devours you on LV-426, Harbored Dreams have melded tech death with sci-fi, disgustingly good start/stop breakdowns, taunting keys and a growl so ominous that I found myself wanting even more acapella passages in the track. For some furious, other-worldly fret work and plenty of blast beat skin punishment, their other track 'Monument of Ash' has got you covered. Each song would be any other band's lead single and if they're not featured on their first EP or LP, I may throw a brief but violent temper tantrum. So for a grand total of $2, I now own the entire Harbored Dreams catalog. So please, peep the lyric video for 'The Inevitable Descent' below and then go check out their Bandcamp page. If someone as obnoxiously frugal as I am can fork over $2 to support music this good, I'm willing to bet that others can as well. Rage on! JPR


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