Invicta: A Welcome Assault- "The Executioner"

Hello wherever you are, Abyss! When Kyle Edissi, guitarist and backing vocalist for Canadian tech death powerhouse Æpoch read our review for his band's upcoming LP, 'Awakening Inception', he hit us up and suggested that we have a listen to his other band, Invicta, and their brand new EP 'The Executioner.' Expecting something akin to a kissing cousin of Æpoch, I told him that I'd get to it as soon as this pudgy human could. Fast forward to today when, after a chaotic week at the day job, I finally pressed play on what I was certain would be Awakening Inception 2.0 Man I love being wrong sometimes. Invicta's debut EP harkens back in the best possible way to my first love: Thrash (you thought I was going to saw Twinkies, didn't you?). Lightning fast song structures that stop well short of the chaotic mush that brutal death metal often devolves into; each track is its own well defined, frenetic, evil incarnation. Here are riffs that command head-nodding, leads and solos that positively sing, and percussion work that, thanks to its weight in the mix, adds a hammer-to-anvil metallic strike to every track. According to Edissi, Grag Carvalho's skin and cymbal assault on 'The Executioner' was down in less than 5 hours. Simply remarkable!


Influences abound, though I'm loathe to tell you that Invicta "sounds just like" bands X,Y & Z. If you wanted to make a delightful Invicta casserole, however, you'd want to start with 2 1/2 tons of Kreator (pick your album, they all slay). You'd then add a heaping serving of vintage, pitch-perfect Dave Mustaine solos; cover with the snark and speed of Overkill, set the oven for Slayer and bake for 23 minutes. I'm here to tell you that the aroma from my headphones is quite good.

In a month that has found me listening to more technical death metal than at any other time in recent memory, Invicta's debut is an excellent reminder of why I fell in love with metal when I was 13. Dark, fast and angry, 'The Executioner' really hits the spot for someone who can neither have enough pizza Combos or death-infused Thrash in his life. If I were you I'd skip the snacks and go straight for 'The Executioner'.

But as always, there's no need to take my word for it. You can listen to The Executioner on Invicta's Bandcamp page. News from the band and the like can be found on their Facebook page. And if you're tired of all of my fat guy references, please feel free to let us know in the comments section. I'm doing sit-ups and eating salads now, get your digs in while you can.

Rage on!


'THE EXECUTIONER' Guitar Play Through Video

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