The Metal Brotherhood

To outsiders, metal heads probably look less than friendly. Some of us could really give a fuck about how we look, or what other people think about us, but society will always rear it's ugly head and judge. When on the outside looking in to a heavy metal concert, someone who doesn't truly understand the music and the fans are probably aghast! So violent, so angry. You've heard the bullshit before.

To me, I see something completely different. I see the brotherhood, the comradery, the love of the music. You can't find that in ANY other genre of music. Those fans are concerned with the flavor of the month, what is popular. It doesn't amount to a hill of shit, it's fake.

I was at the Behemoth, Lamb of God, Slayer concert in Baltimore recently. It was the first show I've been able to attend in a VERY long time due to work and family constraints. I immediately felt at home. People who didn't know each other standing around shooting the shit. What really hit me was when Nergal from Behemoth threw out a guitar pick. It floated around and landed almost invisibly onto the ground. One guy stepped on it and was frantically searching high and low for the pick that had been flying directly towards him. Rather than wait for the guy to give up and grab the pick, another metalhead approached him, and pointed out the pick under his foot.

Anywhere else there would have been a duel to the death over a piece of plastic, Not here. The guy was so grateful he offered a thank you hug and new friends were made. Heavy Metal goes way beyond just the music itself, very few people on the outside will ever get it.

metal band on stage

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