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Gruesome- New Video For Single "Inhumane"

Not much longer to wait until the fourth bowel churning, skull crushing, mind melting release by the defenders of old school death metal, Gruesome. The album "Twisted Prayers" is slated for release via Relapse Records on June 01st. The album will feature eight new tracks that will put every lover of the legendary band Death in a state of bliss.

To tide us snarling masses over, the band has released a video for the single "Inhumane", which you can watch below. Noteworthy is that the video was directed by Exhumed's own Jeffrey Sisson.

If just having a new Gruesome album in your slimy fingers isn't enough, it will also feature two guest solos by legendary metal guitarist James Murphy (Death, Testament, Obituary). To get that original Florida death metal sound, the band recorded "Twisted Prayers" at New Constellation Studios in Orlando, FL. It's probably the heat and humidity that helps.

Matt Harvey, Gruesome vocalist and guitarist had this to say about the video “We’re very stoked about how this video turned out. Jeff Sisson really took the concept and ran with it, creating something new and unique, while still in the spirit of homage that GRUESOME is all about. This is the lead-off track for the record, and we feel like it really sets the tone for Twisted Prayers – a blend of OSDM savagery and a bit of melody and flash to mix things up a bit. Play this at work to creep out your co-workers or on the bus home to get the person sitting next to you to fuck off! Thanks for checking it out, thanks to Jeff for putting this together, and as always thanks to Chuck and the boys for their legacy, which we continue to have a blast celebrating!”

Gruesome, for those that don't know (Shame!) is a four-piece band who's sole purpose in life is to exist as a tribute to the legacy of Death and Chuck Schuldiner. They are not a group of wanna-be newcomers but seasoned professionals from extremely well known bands such as Possessed, Malevolent Creation, Exhumed, etc. The band is not a Death cover band, although they have done Death covers. All the songs are Gruesome originals but boy do they sound exactly like Death. For instance, the new album "Twisted Prayers" follows Death's "Spiritual Healing" era.

The new album will be available in all formats and can be obtained on their Bandcamp Page.

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