Greylotus: A Cathartic Gem

As we unofficially wrapped up our first unofficial EP week here at the Abyss a few days ago, I wonder if you'll allow me one more submission. Think of it as the inexplicable time that's added onto the end of a soccer match, only with less guys falling down and grabbing their leg. When we say that Metal Abyss supports underground metal, we truly mean it. And it doesn't get much more underground than a band who just released their first ever EP a little over a month ago. The Baltimore, Maryland-based blackened deathcore band Greylotus have just given us 'Savior', a 3 song EP that sounds like it was recorded by seasoned metal veterans. Or make that "veteran". Greylotus is Ben Towles, as he is the band's only member. When you take in a song like 'Ravine', with its lightning fast fret work, thundering percussion and furious death/maniacal black vocals, and think that they are all the product of one man, you begin to question how you could more effectively be using your own free time. On the lyrical content and inspiration for the record, Ben stated in a recent Facebook post: "This album goes into vivid detail about my recent struggles with mental health, but more importantly how I overcame thoughts of worthlessness and self harm through self discovery. I hope to inspire others who may be struggling with similar issues to follow the same path!" For those who casually dismiss extreme metal as being "noise" or "evil" or "the work of the devil", I'll gladly offer Greylotus' cathartic gem as a direct rebuttal. Born out of a topic that too few are willing to discuss, I respect very much Towles' candor and desire to better the lives of others with his music. May we all be so evil. And since I know you have nothing better to do (you're reading something I wrote, which is roughly three steps below watching a Sham Wow infomercial), stop on over to Greylotus' Bandcamp page and give this super fresh EP a spin. You can also watch Ben's play through of 'Ravine' below. And that's much better than a Sham Wow infomercial Rage on! JPR

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