Gorgon- "Elegy

It would seem that Paris is not short on killer symphonic death metal bands. Last year we featured some must-hear new music from Dystopy and Promethean, among others, and 2019 is starting off with a positively beautiful concept album from Paris' Gorgon. "Elegy," the French trio's sophomore effort, which dropped on 18 January via Dusktone records, is a symphonic death metal powerhouse that, according to the band: "Embraces the correlation between the creation of the universe and the embryo forming in the womb." Gorgon calls this album a "tribute to women," and it is a violently beautiful listening experience. Massive walls of chugging guitars and blast beat madness are melded with death growls and synths that add a distinct arabic and oriental flavor to the sound. The band brought in Jussi Kulomma to produce Elegy and even on my sub-standard car speakers, the value of a skilled hired gun at the sound board is on full display here. No one instrument outweighs another and the synths properly temper the metallic assault, rather than water it down. The end result is a record that is no less powerful than anything Be'Lakor or Sutrah have done, while simultaneously reminding me of the vast beauty of Nightwish's sound. Both digital and physical copies of Elegy can be had on Gorgon's Bandcamp page. Those physical copies are being offered in very limited quantities, however, so hitting the snooze button on this one is not advised. Gorgon is all over this whole social media thing so you can hit them up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can make fun of me and my addiction to ketchup over on our Facebook page as well. Even if it's just to rip a pseudo-journalist for drowning half of everything he eats in a condiment, we'd love to hear from you. Rage on! JPR

Video: Gorgon- "Of Divinity And Flesh"

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