Gatekeeper- "East of Sun"

Greetings, Woefully-Neglected Abyss Reader! In every life a little epic power metal must fall. Understanding and coming to terms with that inescapable truth need not trouble your heart; especially when, if you’re willing to dig a little, you’ll come across a modern day epic monster like ‘East of Sun,’ the debut LP from Vancouver’s Gatekeeper. Though we’ve featured plenty of Canadian bands here at the Abyss in the past, they’re often of the tech death/thrash variety, which may or may not float your particular boat. Gatekeeper have purposefully set themselves apart from their fellow metal brethren north of the border, and frankly I’m cool with that. On their Facebook page, the band declares: "In a land dominated by blast beats, scooped mids and vocalists who couldn't find a melody in a shopping bag, Gatekeeper stands upright and unchained, continuing the legacy laid down by such luminaries as Robert E. Howard, Bathory, Frank Frazetta, Manowar, Candlemass and Manilla Road."


Indeed, if you’re still spinning Cirith Ungol’s ‘King of the Dead’ or Manilla Road’s ‘Crystal Logic’ in 2018 because you think that proper power metal died before the Nintendo Entertainment System was invented, you need to carefully slide those lovely pieces of vinyl back into their sleeves and make your way to Gatekeeper’s Bandcamp page. This really is epic metal done with both reverence for the pioneers of the genre and an ear towards metal’s triumphant future. And if you’re fortunate enough to live in the land of Rush and Maple Cookies, Gatekeeper have several shows scheduled through August of this year. Drop on by their Facebook page for dates and encourage them to come visit us here in the states. We don’t ALL listen to country music. Well, not all the time anyway. Rage on! JPR

"Blade of Cimmeria" Official Vide

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