Full Frontal Friday: Zac Leaser- "Arrival"

Never let it be said of the Metal Abyss crew that we aren't willing to try something new. Earlier this week I pitched the idea of featuring a full album stream every Friday from an underground metal band. The editor, who is both wise and devastatingly handsome, agreed. And so here we are, with our first installment in what will (hopefully) be a weekly series we're calling Full Frontal Friday. Yes, that's a shameless sexual innuendo because we know what sells.

Rules for a FFF album? Why yes, there's exactly two. They go a little something like this:

1. It must be a full album. Kind of a no-brainer, but if I don't include this as a rule SOMEONE will point that out in a snarky way.

2. There must be no duds on the record. I mean, if we're going to suggest that you listen to an entire album, the whole thing should be worth your time... otherwise we're wasting yours, and I'm only willing to do that via my verbal diarrhea.

So which album has the distinction of being our first FFF installment? That would be the appropriately titled 'Arrival,' the fourth record from Fort Worth, TX one-man-band Zac Leaser. Arrival was released independently on May 4th via Zac's Bandcamp page and is an absolute tour de force of technical death metal excellence. If you dug the Aerith, Solipsismo or Aepoch albums half as much as I did, Arrival should absolutely be in your wheelhouse... and in your ipod.

Currently only availalb digitally, Zac is testing the waters for physical releases. If you're like me and need to "hold" your music in your hot little hands, please prod, harass and/or annoy Zac on his Facebook page about this.

Until then, enjoy this excellent tech death offering from Zac Leaser and please, let us know in the comments what you think. We're also accepting suggestions for future Full-Frontal Friday submissions (that would be FFFF for those keeping score art home) so send us a PM if you've got something you think we should feature.

Rage on!


Zac Leaser "Arrival" Title Track

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