Full Frontal Friday, Shylmagoghnar- "Transience"

And miracle of miracles, your humble man-in-the-pit correspondent actually managed to get a day off today. All that really means is that Pretty Wife will find many things for me to do around casa de JPR that do not involve naps, kettle cooked potato chips or listening to metal. Maybe I can still work a half day... Anywho, Fridays mean one thing and one thing only here at Metal Abyss: FULL FRONTALS!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, every Friday we feature a full, official album stream of a metal album that we think you'll dig. This week is a special one for me as I am a confessed super fan of this band. The Netherlands' Shylmagoghnar exploded on to the atmospheric/progressive blackened death metal scene four years ago with their extraordinary debut, 'Emergence.' At one moment dark and foreboding, the next uplifting and driven, the ebb and flow of metallic emotions throughout their debut made 'Emergence' one of the albums that helped convert this once stalwart thrash and metalcore devote to a full-fledged death and black metal fan. To say that expectations for a follow-up that was four years in the making were high is the understatement of the day. 'Transience,' out now on Napalm Records, is like the Christmas morning where Santa brought you exactly what you had been asking for since Halloween. This is not Emergence part II; it is, rather, among the most natural evolutions in composition that I've heard in a metal record in some time. Four years of practice and maturation have yielded an album that is more a sonic exploration than a 72 minute collection of songs. It's a dark but never bleak journey that I plan on taking hundreds of times between now and whenever Shylmagoghnar decides to bless us with another vast, blackened death metal excursion. Experience it for yourself below. Digital and physical copies are available, of course, just give this link a tap, fork over some $, and it's all yours. Be sure to visit Shylmagoghnar on their Facebook page and let them know that the guy who bugged them for months for an interview can't stop blabbering on about their album. They're probably the nicest guys in metal, I'm sure they won't mind. Rage on! JPR

Shylmagoghnar- "Transience" Full Album

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