What's Old is New Again- Dystopy

It's been a week for new EPs, and in particular ones from bands who are just getting under way. There's something cool about hearing a band's first attempt, whether good or bad, at establishing themselves and their sound. Though some, uh... need some work, others show legitimate promise and I'll be sure to shine our little Metal Abyss spotlight on them this week. One recording, however, has punched me in the face so hard that I'm now bleeding and should probably undergo a concussion protocol. Hailing from France, Dystopy just dropped their first EP, 'Womb of the Abyss' last week, and while I may soon lose consciousness, I desperately want more. Take everything you loved about 80's Slayer, add copious amounts of 90's In Flames and you've more or less got yourself Dystopy.

If you too would like a complimentary brain scan, drop on by Dystopy's Bandcamp where you can name your price for 'Womb of the Abyss.' And as always, let us know in the comments section if you have spots in your vision or are no longer able to form coherent sentences. Rage on!



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