Dischordia-'Binge/Purge' A Violent Pedigree

Some legitimately great things are happening in underground metal at the moment and, provided you're paying attention, this truly is a great time to be listening to music that largely escapes public consciousness. Just this year alone we've gotten absolutely stellar recordings from Alterbeast, Rivers of Nihil and Inferi; with albums from At The Gates (editor's note: "To Drink From The Night Itself", ATG's new album, is out today), Shylmagoghnar and Burial in the Sky waiting in the wings to kick your teeth in. We're not even half way through 2018 yet and people's yearly Top 10 lists are getting filled fast.

And if ambient, dissonant, technical death metal is your bag, baby, then Oklahmoa City's Dischordia is about to crack your cranium with a concept EP that is anything but conventional. Mind Eraser Promotions dropped off an advance copy of 'Binge/Purge,' the follow-up to the trio's 2016 effort 'Thanatopsis' (Rogue Records America), at Metal Abyss HQ earlier this week and it's taken me multiple playthroughs to begin to get a handle on what the band has created here. But I've loved every second of my confusion.

'Binge/Purge' is a dense, ambitious EP that's divided into two equally expansive tracks. The sky scraping wall of sound Keeno and Josh Fallin's guitars create stands among the very best rhythm guitar work I've heard on a record this year. The skinny strings are punctuated by a rhythm section that is equal parts calculated and chaotic. The balance between the highs and lows here is exceptional, no doubt aided by the work of Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice) who mixed and mastered 'Binge/Purge'.

On the direction that Dischordia has taken thematically with this EP, guitarist Keeno commented:

"Binge/Purge is a modern take on. Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy within our own political-cultural system. We enjoy telling stories with our music. Thanatopsis was a. new level for us stylistically in searching for. our sound. Binge/Purge builds on that. progress and allows us to stretch our skills. within a concept EP. "

A progressive, dissonant concept death metal EP? Yeah, 2018.. we love ya! 'Binge/Purge' will be released to the raging masses on June 15th. You can pre-order the EP on Dischordia's Bandcamp page. A teaser for the EP is available via YouTube below. Like what you hear? Hit us up in the comments and let us know. Just don't make fun of the editor's superfluous third nipple, he's really sensitive about it.

Rage on!JPR

Dischordia Teaser

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