Decapitated's Official Statement Since Arrest

We're going to offer this to you without comment, if for no other reason than Decapitated said it all themselves. If you weren't aware of what the Polish tech death band has gone through over the past three months, yesterday's Facebook post from them will fill you in. -JPR

Editor's note: We've mostly stayed clear of reporting on this issue from the beginning. If you haven't heard about the accusations made against Decapitated then you've probably been asleep for several months. We avoid it like the plague mostly because we don't believe in reporting "gossip" type bullshit like the other "metal news" sites. Until such a time as they were found guilty in court, it was nothing more than accusations, and we won't be posting conjecture and gossip. Even though it gets other pages massive clicks and a huge amount of interaction on social media, it won't happen here. -Joe

This is a long statement, so it is best to read it direct from the source at their FB page.



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