Craft- White Noise & Black Metal

Dog days of summer? You bet your sweet patch-covered denim jacket it is! Of course you know that means I had to find something to chill/rage to. Hopefully this does the job. Season of Mist is positively KILLING IT this year. Whether it's Alkaloid's 'Full Anatomy' or the decided not metal but stillsofreakinggood Thy Camouflage, this label has been positively on target in 2018. Case in point is Craft's brand new LP: White Noise And Black Metal,' their first in 7 years. Sprawling, dense and all-together dark, "White Noise" is just about anything and everything that you could want from a modern black metal record. Fortunately for me and you and a dog named Blue, listening to this album is a breeze (and free) over on YouTube. It's not air conditioning, but I still think that's pretty cool. Like what you hear? I strongly recommend subscribing to Season of Mist's channel as they're dropping new and vastly different sounding music all of the time. You can also find the links necessary to pick up a copy of White Noise And Black Metal for yourself in the video. And as always, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of Craft's new record, or drop us some suggestions on what we should feature. We're all ears. Very, very metal ears. Rage (and chill) on! JPR

Craft- "White Noise And Black Metal" Full Album

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