Coexistence- "Origin" Official Single Video

Ciao , Abyss! We're in the midst of our first (and very much unofficial) EP week here at Metal Abyss. What this means is that in addition to me telling you embarrassing stories about my childhood and bemoaning the lack of snack foods in our non-existent staff lounge, I dig up EPs from new bands so that we can enjoy that new music smell together. Mmmm... did you get a whiff of that? That's some fresh out of the can, quality metal being served up to you, loyal Abyss reader. While we've featured brand new EPs from Vaelmyst, Sciolism, Dystopy & Eartheria, all of which are certified worthy of your time and available for purchase, what we haven't done is shone a spotlight on any upcoming releases. What better way to stay ahead of the curve than to showcase something you can't even listen to yet? See, that's how forward-thinking your resident junk food junkie is. To that end, allow me to (sort of) present to you Italy's Coexistence and the track 'Origin', the only song currently available from the EP 'Contact With The Entity', due out on April 30th of this year on Earthquake Terror Noise Records. I'd like to point out that I love the name of their record label so very freaking much. Moving on... Origin fades in on a simple, clean electric guitar arpeggio and is joined shortly by a rhythm section; lead by bass player Christian Luconi, who quickly provides convincing evidence that he has 17 fingers. No, really- this guy can seriously play the thick strings and his instrument is given proper weight and presence in the mix. Origin offers enough skillfully delivered death growls, engaging leads and legitimately tasty percussion work for me to unequivocally recommend Coexistence to you and then add 'Contact with the Entity' to your Bandcamp wishlist. Now if you'll excuse me, the boss says that I have to re-stock the soda machine. Rage on! JPR


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