As Buffalo Run Free: The Somber EP

Not long ago you'll recall that we profiled Massachusetts-based one-man-prodigy Anthony Adams, AKA As Buffalo Run Free, and his debut progressive death metal LP 'Hope.' A cathartic escape into a world of diving and ascending amplified guitars, blast beats and hypnosis-inducing synths that, despite the fact (or perhaps because) it was entirely instrumental, truly left me with an over-arching sense of hope at journey's end. So on the heels of codifying a successful sound on his debut, As Buffalo Run Free take an abrupt left turn and give us 'Somber,' an EP that delves deep into the vast and bleak world of black metal. The uplifting and inspiring tones and motifs of Hope have been supplanted by dark ambiance and a sense of both loss and foreboding. In fact, the only real similarity between Somber and its predecessor is that it's still an instrumental outing. Otherwise 'Somber' is a wholly new sound for As Buffalo Run Free; one that seems, like 'Hope', to embrace the title it was given and explore sounds that encourage introspection and welcome grief. Adams has once again allowed you to name your price for his latest effort over on As Buffalo Run Free's Bandcamp page. If you've been following his work on Facebook you'll know that Adams has chronicled this EP's conception and birth; letting fans know that this is very much an experiment for a multi-instrumentalist who simply wants to create great music. I think he's succeeded, again, and encourage you to check out 'Somber' today. Given the speed at which As Buffalo Run Free is writing and releasing music (Hope came out in November of last year), we are on track for their polka album in July. Rage on! JPR

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