A Solid Foundation: Where Deprivation Lies- 'Psalms to the Synthetic Divine'

I like my metal the way that Gollum likes his rabbits: ran and wrrrrrigling. You can keep fancy production, auto-tuned vocals and nasty chips, Precious. Which means that when I stumbled across UK based technical death metal newcomers Where Deprivation Lies and their demo for their forthcoming EP 'Psalms to the Synthetic Divine,' I was ready to slap my fish on a rock and take a bite out of Samwise Gamgee's neck. At three tracks and a hair over 10 minutes long, the demo for 'Psalms,' available for purchase on WDL's Bandcamp page, is a blistering (and brief) glimpse at a tech death band in their infancy. However, these songs do not sound as though they originated from single cell organisms just crawling out of the primordial ooze. Thanks to a series of well-crafted hooks, some excellently timed tempo changes, and production that does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, what guitarist and songwriter Danny Greenwood and his band have created here is a solid foundation for a tech death band.

-GET YOUR CONCERT TICKETS HERE AND SUPPORT METAL ABYSS- While both Greenwood and Jack Willitts' guitar playing is on full display here, this demo is instrumental so we're going to have to wait to find out what vocalist Chris Kemp will bring to the mix. After repeated listens, even a useless pseudo-journalist with barely a sniff of musical ability can hear where screams, growls, and perhaps even the occasional clean to compliment the more the soaring solos would work nicely. Mendel or As Buffalo Run Free this is not: I'm looking forward to hearing these tracks with some proper vocals. But until then, these three songs will remain in rotation on my rapidly expanding digital Bandcamp collection. And for half a Quid (how's that for a British-ism from a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee?) you can own your own little slice of unprocessed tech death. You can also keep up with Where Deprivation Lies and the progress of the official demo over on their Facebook page. Just tell them Frodo sent you. Rage on! JPR

Psalms to the Synthetic Divine: Prototype

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