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Greetings, LARs! Yes, Loyal Abyss Readers, you've become an acronym. Aren't you lucky? So our good friends over at Mind Eraser Promotions have been sending us music to review for, uh... ages... and your humble man-in-the-pit correspondent has done a poor job of screwing off at my real job and writing articles for Metal Abyss, so you haven't gotten many of them. In an effort to straighten out my priorities, here's The Illustrator, the first single from the forthcoming debut LP from Boston tech/prog newcomcers Myth of I. Their eponymous initial offering will drop on Friday, April 10th on The Artisan Era and as a certified instrumental metal junkie, the stoke is real for this one.

Here's what Mind Eraser had to say about the band/album: "Consisting of 11 adventurous songs that entirely eschew standard verse-chorus-verse songwriting in favor of unpredictable yet fluid compositions, Myth of I is a hard to pigeonhole effort owing no sole allegiance to any one style of metal. Elements of progressive metal, death metal, groove metal, post-metal, and jazz fusion criss-cross and unite in unpredictable ways throughout each dense song on the album." If the abrupt yet fluid left turns and melodic yet divisive leads in The Illustrator are indicative of what Myth of I have in store for us, this is an album that will be getting more than its share of spins here at MA HQ. You want links? We've got those. You can pre-order Myth of I's debut via the band's Bandcamp page. They of course do the whole social media thing too and I'm sure they'd love to have a few more Facebook friends, Instagram followers and Twitters twits to share updates with. Get Merch bundles here. And that's the ballgame. As always, your thoughts are 10,000% welcome. Give you more instrumental metal and give it to you now? Go away and die in a whole until you are dead, JPR,? Hit us up in the comments and one of those two things will most definitely happen. Rage on! JPR

Myth Of I- "The Illustrator"

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