Greetings, Abyss! Apart from coming up with new and increasingly creative ways to sell you viking horns, while simultaneously singing the praises of pizza Combos and Faith No More, we here at Metal Abyss believe in shining a spotlight on metal bands that you may not have heard of yet. Case in point is today's super fresh offering, all the way from Poland: Mistral. The band composed of Juliusz Noceń on bass, Mikołaj Banaszczyk on drums, and Janek Obara on guitar, piano & vocals (who, oh nothing, happens to be 17 years old). Now we've talked about other young musicians here at MA in the past (the insanely good Alien Weaponry immediately comes to mind) but this is the first Gen Z musician I've come across in all of my late night internetting who is genuinely embracing atmospheric, post-black metal. Alternating clean and harsh, distant and disembodied vocals that exist on the same plane with buzzing, fuzzed-out guitars and the requisite blast beats, Mistral is carrying the torch of modern black metal into territories both new and well tread. What strikes me about Mistral isn't the novelty that I have band shirts older than Janek, it's that he is composing music that I genuinely want to listen to. These aren't kids you'd politely clap for while waiting for the adults to take the stage. Seriously, Follow this link to the YouTube page where you'll find 11 originals and 1 Alcest cover (wise choice, actually, as I think you'll find that Mistral's sound approximates, without cribbing, Alcest's) that practically beg for multiple listens. The interplay between piano, acoustic and electric guitars that first develop and then expand upon themes completely belies the fact that these are demo songs, To that end, No, the mixes here aren't ready for prime time. That being said, there has always been the trve, cvlt contingent of black metal fans who feel that less is more when it comes to production. To Janek's credit, he acknowledges his own mixing/production limitations and is striving to offer the best sounding recording possible. I say +1 to him for this as it will only result in him honing his craft for future releases. And speaking of future releases, I reached out to Janek on Facebook and he tells me that while Mistral's songs aren't up on Bandcamp yet, the band intends to record drums as opposed to the trusty VSTs and eventually release an album on streaming sites. There's no timetable for this, so for now we'll have to be content with the YouTube uploads. Don't worry, Metal Abyss faithful, you know I'll be making the push for physical copies to be released as well. So enough of my gibbering, head on over to YouTube and listen to some certified fresh metal. You can keep tabs on Mistral via the band's Facebook and Instagram pages. Speaking of social media, we do the Facebook thing, too. That's the best way to find us if you're in a band and have something you think we might like to hear. That's kinda what we're here for. Well, that and to sell you viking horns. Rage on! JPR

Mistral- "Wither"

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